Christmas Party Dress

This one is more of an alteration than a refashion but I LOVE this dress so figured I’d share it with you all anyway!

I got this dress for $10 at goodwill, generally more than I’ll spend but I liked it a lot and it’s in great shape! 

As you can see it’s a little big in the back/waist area. It would have been fine without altering, however I was uncomfortable with the amount of side boob it showed as is( especially since this is my work Christmas party we are talking about here).  

I added two darts next to the zipper on the back of the dress to make the waist smaller and pull the top back, covering more. The first dart turned out great! The next one I misaligned the two layers so it was all lumpy and didn’t lay flat. I seam ripped it out and started dart #2 again, this time it went very smoothly! Here is the finished dress!

Sorry for the weird angles, I was home alone so had to rock some self timer photos from my coffee table😂

Here is a final picture before my husband snapped for me before we went to the party! It’s hard to tell but the slip underneath only goes to above my knees the rest is sheer. I paired the dress with some black wedges and a sliver leaf necklace that kinda blends in in this photo haha.

Anyways! Thanks for looking and I’ll see you next time!


Doggy Diaper Design 

Hello!!! So sorry it’s been too long! But I’ll be better I promise! I finished my finals and started my internship which means I now have a full time job! We got Archie back from camp and he is like a whole new dog, I couldn’t have asked for anything more:) 

On to the refashion! This is just a simple one I’ve completed a while ago I was just waiting on the after photo:) my friend has a dog who isn’t spayed so has to wear a diaper occasionally when she is in heat. My friend got these nice cloth diapers (that weren’t cheap) and they worked like a charm: that is until her dog got a hold of them and chewed them off. She thought they were trash but I told her I could take a stab at repairing it! 

There were holes like this all over, and a couple of the Velcro strips couldn’t be salvaged. 

I started by hand stiching the holes. 

There were a lot of holes that needed to be fixed! I then seam ripped the remaining piece of Velcro and because it was so long I was able to cut it in half and use it for both sides! I noticed when Nala ( the dog) was wearing it it couldn’t adjust small enough so the diaper would sag and make her want to chew at it. I fixed that I moved the Velcro to allow it to tighten more. Because the diaper was all black I wanted to make it a little girly and cute for her so I went into my scrap pile and pulled out a piece of fabric. I created a bow and hand stitched it on!  

Voila! Nala now has a cute diaper to strut around in! 

Thanks for looking and I have another refashion in the works so keep your eyes out! 🤗 

Best wishes Ivy


Hello everyone! The last few months have been very hectic. I’ve had some medical issues, I’ve had to figure out the best plan of action for our dog, I’ve had class finals, started a new hobby,started an etsy store, and now I’m looking for a veterinarian office to intern at. I’ve done a couple refashions in that time but two of them didn’t turn out the way I planned. So I apologize for my lack of posts and will strive to be better! Okay on to the refashion! 

When I saw this dress one night when I was browsing through Pinterest I knew I had to make something similar!  

I’m not a big pink person but the next time I went to the thrift store I found placemats with very similar tassels on them! I snatched them up and waited til I found the perfect dress. Then I found this simple duo.

Here is the dress without the jacket, I have something special in mind for that!

Okay so first thing I did was take it in(things tend to get shorter when you take it in so I always do that first!) 

Like I said I’ve been busy with school😁. Once I took it in I shortened it and cut off one strap

I got a little ahead of myself and didn’t take anymore pictures😁 but what I did was cut the ruffle I wanted out of the bottom fabric I cut off. I sewed it on and cut off the tassels from the placemats. I thought the white boarder would make them stand out but I ended up hating how it looked.

It doesn’t look bad on the floor but on me it just isn’t right.

I seam ripped the tassels off and thought maybe I would see it on without the white and add an elastic waist band? I was out of ideas and kinda frustrated so I just put it into my refashion pile again, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and until next time go and do something that makes you happy-Ivy🤗

Fruity Shorts

When I went thrifting with my mom on my most recent trip to Lake Havasu, I found these adorable fruit stencils for .25¢. The store was having a 50% off day so I got them for even cheaper! I knew I wanted to make a pair of shorts I just had to find the right pair! I was out of luck until recently when I found this pair!image

They were nothing special but I got them half off and they had colorful sticking throughout. Here is the back.image

I wasn’t in love with the length and I wanted to roll the bottom hem. I cut the original hem off and folded my new one.image

I hand tacked it down in multiple places and then got to work laying out the stencils where I wanted them. I only bought 4 colors of paint so I had to make my own combos to get the variation I wanted.image

I was really happy how it was working out!image

I added a few coats to make sure the color was nice and rich and peeled the stencils off.image

I decided to give them an outline, for a more finished look. I should have used black puffy paint but I had sharpie on hand. I did the front right and the back left and I am very happy with how it turned out!image

sorry about the photo, I must not have been ready and I’m not sure why it looks so hazy😬image

I’m thinking about opening an etsy store, what do you think? I’ve stated working on embroidery lately and I really enjoy it. Stay tuned for necklaces that I have in the works! Thanks for looking and if you want to me notified when I post subscribe! 😍🤗

Mom jeans to high waisted shorts

I went on a mission yesterday to find a pair of light high waisted Jean shorts. Much to my dismay, they all had cut outs or were way to short. The commissary won’t allow you inside if you are wearing anything ripped or butt cheek exposing so I went over to the Jean section instead! I found these jeans that are perfect!imageas is I feel like I should be wearing a fringe best and a flower crown. It’s also always crazy hot here all the time so I had to make a big snip!imageI then tried them on to make sure they were the right length to roll the bottom.imageI then rolled them and made sure it was an even width all around.imageI then hand stiched them down in a few places and they were ready to be worn!imagei had the most awkward time taking these photos and none of them are very great … But you get the idea:)imageI paired them with my social d tee and my new studded flats I got new at good will for 5$! imageSorry again for the awkward photos  but thanks for looking!  We scheduled an appointment with a trainer and are hoping he can stop Archie’s aggression issues, I’ll keep you updated! Oh and don’t forget to subscibe 🤗

Disastrous Day Dress

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a while I’ve been trying really hard to focus on my schooling more as well as being more active. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for refashioning. But today was (supposed to be) a lazy day so I figured why not! I started out with this very unique colorful dress that I instantly fell in love with.imageLook it even has pockets!imageIt was a simple fix. I measured where the waistline hit me and made a loop of elastic to sew in.imageAfter that went in I tried it on to see where to chop the length.imageonce I made the chop I did a tiny hem because I got a little over zealous with my scissors and chopped a little too much.imageit was a cute little baby hem! Now the dress looks like this. imageNot too short where it’s bad looking just a little too short for me personally.imagei think I might take some of the left over fabric from the big chop and add it to the shoulder seams because the arm holes are a little in my arm pit anyway. image

Now after this picture is where my day turned. If you’re just here for the refashions there is nothing refashion related from this point, just a heads up. I just need to vent.

As some of you know Wade( my husband) and I adopted a rescue dog in January. He was pretty badly abused and long story short isn’t comfortable around really anyone but me or Wade. Today I took him outside to the dog yard to go potty. On our way down the staircase we heard someone walking up. So, knowing his nature I lead him off to the side of the landing, completely out of anyone’s way. However, Archie isn’t having it he struggled to get away and slipped his leash. The guy reached down with a hi puppy and that’s all it took. Archie bit the man and drew blood. I was mortified, and was bawling like a baby the rest of the day. Unfortunately, for us and Archie, this wasn’t the first person he has bit. It’s just that the people before were our friends and understood he was a rescue and such. But that excuse can only be used for so long. And this man did nothing to provoke him. So in the next few days we will see how the guy proceeds. He could legally sue us and make us put down Archie which I wouldn’t blame him for. I’d be heartbroken don’t get me wrong but…. Anyhoo thanks for listening to my rant and I’ll try to keep you guys updated.

Thanks for coming over to Trashtorefash! And I’m sorry about today being so emotional. They normally aren’t like this, I promise😬


Bathing suit update

When I saw this 6$ bathing suit it was so weird it was cute. With no reviews and buying online I just took the risk.imageIt came from Asia so the sizing was off. I bought an extra large and there was no way it was staying up on its own. It had no support and no pads. Luckily I didn’t take my latest donate pile to goodwill yet so I fished out this baby!imageI put them both on and pinned where I will be tacking the bra in place.imageI (VERY) carefully took it off and got to work!imageAfter I did the front I realized that without doing the back it would get all twisted and be difficult to fasten. So to alleviate that difficulty I tacked the back as well.imageHere is how it looks now that it’s all sewed together:) imageI tried it on and yay! It stays up!imagethere was only one issue…. Can you see it??imageThats right the little ears won’t stay up! But luckily I have a TON of left over shoulder pads from previous refashions.imagei then carefully cut the back layer to the ears.image…And then I shoved the little bit of shoulder pad inside…image..then hand stiched it good as new!imageHere is the final product.imageand look! No matter how I move it stays up!imagehere is another one just for fun🤗imageI wore it out to a day on the boat with Wade(my husband) and a few of his co workers.imageits so hard to take a decent picture with him:) lol but he finally let me take one:) imageThanks for looking! And I hope you’ll check back in to see more of my refashions:)

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Simple Tee Take In

So this refashion starts with an old worn tee that is very special.


Please ignore my bunching shorts😬

This Social Distortion tee has been to countless concerts as well as my dad’s own band gigs:) I have listened to Social Distortion since I was born, thanks to my parents wonderful taste in music! I was simply ecstatic when he offered to give me this tee! Living across the ocean from my family, it’s nice to have something that I can wear that reminds me of them…

Anyhoo, I started my taking in the shoulders. Then I took an inch in on both sides. Here is the inside after these steps.imageI then needed to take off some length from the bottom. So I did a quick hem and a cut and here is the finished product!imageI paired it with jean shorts my red guitar pick earrings and my red chucks:)imageIt fits a lot better now and I’m ready to wear it out!imageThanks for stopping by! And don’t forget to subscribe! 🤗Ivy

Yellow shorts from scratch

This weeks refashion is one I’m definitely most proud of:) I found this awesome fabric at a savers. Like 8 yards for 5$. imageThe picture is kinda dark it’s more yellow in real life:) I decided it would make cute patterned shorts! I just bought some patterns to make shorts while I was back in Arizona but I wasn’t feeling those. So I decided to wing it!imagei told my friend that I would make her a pair so I used her shorts as a guide. I cut front and back sections like so.imagehere they are side by side. I took those 4 pieces and sewed them together imageit was smooth sailing making seams and when I was done with the sides I had a strange skirt. I sewed the crotch seams together and bam! I sewed it backwards… Instead of going in towards the crotch like normal shorts, there was a large bulge! Time to seam rip. imageOnce I correctly sewed my new seam I was actually really happy with how it was going! imageI folded over the top to make a casing for ribbon to draw the shorts closed. I then pinned it really wellimageimageafter the casing I folded the hem and sewed it in place!imagefrom there I made buttonholes for the ribbon to go through. Without them the fabric would have frayed. imageBlurry picture but you get the idea. I then wanted to see how they were looking so farimageplease excuse my refashion pile behind me I couldn’t decide what I wanted to start:) imageI had to make them bigger than the jeans because the jeans have stretch to them where as this fabric does not:) image I gave them back pockets and added some leftover ribbon to them to break up the pattern a littleimagethey are equal length it’s just the angle of the picture lol. I wore them out for a day of errands:)imageit’s been really humid lately and poor Archie just can’t cool down, even with the ac on!imagethe back pockets imageLots of love from Archie and I for looking! Oh and don’t forget to subscribe! Until next time, Ivy🤗

2 for 1 pajama redo

Okay so today’s refashion started off with two pairs of pajama pants I got at the dollar a pound good will:) imageThat means I spent less than 20¢ a piece which makes me really happy!imageOne pair has owls and the other one is floral:) imageThis barely counts as a refashion because it’s so simple so I decided to show you guys both at once to make up for it:) imageFirst I put the pants on and measured where I wanted to cut(leaving room for the hem)  imageI got to use my new pinking shears! No more fraying fabric! YAS!!imageOnce I cut the legs off I realized that the floral pair was kinda plain, I mean they are jammies but still. imageSo I decided to give it a frilled hem. imageYou can get this style by hemming really close to the edge on a stretchy fabric. Like so:imageHere are the finished floral shorts.imageFor the owl pair the fabric was nice and light so I just cut it like the other pair.imageI didn’t have a blue bobbin so I had to make one.imageAnd here is a picture of our adorable tortoise Lunk.imageHe approves of the shorts. And if you are wondering where Edith is, unfortunately she passed away. She had a calcium deficiency and by the time we caught it and gave her the additional supplements it was too late. Because she was just a hatchling there wasn’t anything else we could do:( We are thinking it was something she was born with because lunk has the same food and enclosure and is healthy and growing fast. Anyway…. Back to the pantsimagehere is the finished owl pair. imageThanks for looking and I’ll catch you next time. Remember, to be notified as soon as I post again subscribe 🤗